Wednesday, January 9, 2013

19th HG Worlds - Day 3 - Task 2

Lots of wind today. Pilots struggled not to drift out of the start cylinder due to the 35 km/h winds at 1500 m. I launched late, because I didn't look forward to another long fight in a turbulent start gaggle. My position for the first start gate wasn't too bad, but I was still 3 km from the cylinder, so I decided to wait for the next, conditions were probably improving anyway.

However, we had to fly quite far against the wind for the next thermal and after another 20 minutes, I was again in a bad position to take the start. That sucked. The same out-of-sync scenario for the 3rd start gate. By that time I should have decided to go anyway, but instead I headed for Zippy a few km away. From there on, it was a slow descent to the ground. Some strong, short-lived cores in between, but it didn't work out. A really bad result for the day. I can only hope I will fly some decent tasks now and get at least somewhere again in the standings.

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