Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Belgian HG Open and Catalunian Cup

The Belgian championship will this year be organized in cooperation with the Catalan Cup. The championship will be held in Ager, from July 28th until Aug 3rd. For those of you interested in combining a few comps, this could be very interesting, because the Dutch Nationals are held the week before in Laragne (there is a day in between for travelling, no problem there) and the British Nationals are held the week after our championship, also in Ager.

So, we're expecting quite a mix of participants in our comp: Belgians, Catalunians, Spanish, British pilots training for the week after and Dutch guys having an extra comp after their own nationals.

The entry fee will be 80 euro when pre-registered, so that shouldn't stop you from coming! CU this summer!

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