Friday, January 11, 2013

19th HG Worlds - Day 5 - Task 4

A 170 km dog-leg task was set yesterday, with a 35 km exit circle. While trying to go upwind in the start circle, I found myself pretty low, without signs of lift for a whole while or other gliders, on yet another blue day. It didn't look good and got my nerves going. After struggling a bit, I got to a decent starting height with a few others around me.

We took the second start (15:00) and the gaggle stopped in pretty weak lift. I wasn't satisfied with that and glided on. Twice. This got me really low and I had to work whatever lift I could find. It was strong but turbulent lift and I felt more like a leaf in the wind than a pilot in the sky. The gaggle passed me and I was on my own again. I was low on 2 more occasions before we hit the turnpoint at 70 km, but got strong climbs and flew with the gaggle from the turnpoint.

When the day started to calm down, I took it easier than most others and played safer for final glide. It cost me a few places, but I really wanted to ensure that I made goal. It was beautiful flying, with the sun getting lower already, changing the colors and mellowing the thermals. I had lift when I arrived at goal and if we wouldn't have to do the drive back to forbes, I certainly would have taken it and enjoyed the rest of the day flying as much as possible.

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