Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last training day - 2013 Worlds start tomorrow

Today was the last training day, practice day in fact, where everything should unfold like a normal comp day. A 140 km task was set, but I was never going to fly that today, saving energy for the real comp days to come. The task committee consists of Jonny, Attila and Zippy, so, knowing the first two, we'll get loads of hours under the belt. They obviously have a lot of experience here, but as a side remark, it is my opinion that the task committee should be balanced. Anyway, I should have opened my mouth about that yesterday, as I did during the first meeting in Sigillo, when 2 Italian Icaro pilots were nominated for the task committee. Lots of people agreed back then that that was not desirable. We've all seen in the past how politics can get involved when the stakes are high...

Don't get me wrong, I have confidence that the task committee will do a good job. And I just know for sure it's going to be an endurance battle, looking at the weather forecasts.

So, I just flew for 1,5 hours today, enjoying the air, being surprised by the large sink area's and having some GoPro fun in between. I'm also very happy with my pair of Adidas Evil Eyes. It's nice to be able to recognize the competition from far away!

Tomorrow's the big day. Another 43 degree forecast, first comp day, everybody hoping that the towing operation will be smooth and efficient. Start order will be random on the first task, so I hope I have some luck with that.

From now on, it's for real. Good night.


  1. Ook met een beperkte voorbereiding hebben we indertijd samen een paar mooie wedstrijdresultaten behaald. Ik heb alle vertrouwen in jou dat het jou ook van deze keer prima zal lukken. Veel succes daar in het warme Forbes !! David